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My first mobile app, the idea dreamed up by my 6 year old son. Live weather and forecasts with avatars of kids and animals that dress properly. Change the weather. Trivia to learn something new each day of the year, plus more, Also graphing to plot the weather conditions over a week or month. Click the icon for more info and a link to download.
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A Facebook app/game to pick the high temperature at the local official weather station. Beat The National Weather Service and your friends. There is a point system and badges earned along the way. Even contest prizes. See more.
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I want to help take some of the guessing OUT of the weather. See the tabs above for a quick view of what you need and a little more for local Weather Guessers*
  • Maryland Weather- Quick City View
  • Satellite and Radar Views
  • Severe Weather Outlooks and Lightning Mapping
  • NOAA Forecast Maps
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Social Media!
That is where the future is and my best friends in broadcasting today. See recent posts below and more links in my Social Media section.
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Wind For Change
My school visit program and fundraiser contest that benefits The Cool Kids Campaign. See more and book a visit to your school...

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Live Baltimore Inner Harbor looking north from the Maryland Science Center

Earth and Moon Phase

Examiner: Baltimore Weather
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