Screen Shot2015-07-17 06_22_18The action will be building on the national weather map. For us in the Mid Atlantic, we’ve had a heat drought. I know, drought is the last word you’d expect after blowing away the wettest June on record. But that has also led us to lack of real summer heat. Baltimore has not hit 90F since June 23, and that is about to change.  A warm front will pass through today with showers for us overnight. On the other side, a pattern change. Computer models are suggesting upper 90s for Sunday, then staying near or above 90F most of next week. Note that our hottest day so far this year was 94F and models suggest we could beat that in this cycle.  On the opposite coast, Hurricane Delores off the coast of Mexico could send rain into southern California by Monday.  The Los Angeles area might be in for a few inches of rain, which is a rarity itself, definitely in July. No doubt this will be blamed on the building strong El Nino which is expected to be a drought buster for that state through winter. See that storm track below.

Temperature Outlook

Screen Shot2015-07-17 06_10_19

Weekend Storms

Most of the risk will be in the form of scattered showers. So specific timelines will be left to each day. But the likely risk will build in the late afternoon and evening both Saturday and Sunday.

Screen Shot2015-07-17 06_25_27

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Hurricane Delores and California


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