SatAMJul18June 23 was a Tuesday. That was the last day Baltimore hit the 90s as BWI reached the hottest temperature of the year with a high of 94F. In the nearly four weeks that has followed, we have had plenty of rain, but a failure to get back to that coveted number summer lovers dream of… Ninety degrees!  Well, here we go this weekend. After a round of morning showers and storms… Heat and humidity return!

Quick look at the morning storm line

(9:15 AM)



You may already notice the increase in humidity, and the clouds may seem like they won’t break. But a push of air from the southwest should help bring summer back. The irony is that we are at the tail end of the hottest 10 day period of the year. Climatologically July 9 to 17 has a high of 88F. Today, July 18 the temperatures on average begin to cool a little. It’s been almost a month since the summer solstice, so the sun angle is a little lower and the days are a little shorter. In fact today’s daylight is 21 minus shorter than the summer solstice, but the weather pattern will bring us what we were missing.

Simulated Radar

With the heat and humidity, there will be a slight chance for strong storms. Here is the NAM/WRF simulation today.

[metaslider id=27189]

More heat tomorrow!

The model consensus brings us to the lower 90s today, but we have had a trend of running below expectations lately. So regardless of where we end up today, Sunday shows a surge into the mid to upper 90s.

Screen Shot2015-07-18 08_31_52

Temperature Outlook:

A three day period of 90s, then a pull back near average and real summer for much of next week.


Screen Shot2015-07-18 08_17_11

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