OC134STIs a bad day at the beach still a good day?  All it took was a little trigger and storms erupted with little movement. The result, over 3 inches in about an hour or so with frequent lighting strikes and very loud thunder. The beach was evacuated. For places by the ocean, there is not many places for the water to drain. Flooding was the result. A Flash Flood Warning until 7PM in in place for southern DE in Sussex Co. An Areal Foo Advisory has been expended to include Ocean City until 7:15 PM. See the radar loop below and more local photos below, one including a lighting strike.

It appeared that the first front was located on the Delaware and Maryland boarder along the coast. Yes, there was a weak front that passed through and we did have a drop of humidity in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, but that was not the case at the beaches.  This storm erupted around 3 PM in southern Delaware, and although the flow was pushing the rain off the coast, the cell expanded southward into Ocean City. That is clearly seen in the radar loop below. There appears to be an outflow boundary triggering even more development towards Assateague Island.

Typically storms like like can feed off of the ocean breeze interacting with the heat along the front, and can last for a few hours. As of 4:55 PM, the cell was diminishing with some improvement near Ocean City, but showers were still in the region.

Radar Loop 3:39PM to 4:25 PM

More photos shared online

The most beautiful photo shows a lightning strike, but it may be deceiving as it looks like an isolated event. This is likely before the cell fully expanded through OC. Thanks Alexandra Mascolo.







Radar Images I grabbed tracking the event:


Before the storm, this fire rainbow was seen from 129 St from Terri Lowther



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