Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.37.20 AMIt does seem like there is a ‘day’ for everything, and this is a ‘thing’. Today, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day and as opposed to earlier this week, the only thing cooking will be on the grill. This morning’s air is noticeably cooler. Locally in the 50s and 60s.  That will not last, but the low humidity will. Sunshine along with seasonable temperatures means a pleasantly warm afternoon reaching the mid 80s.  Best of all, no organized rain in sight for the next few days.  That takes us through the weekend meaning great weather at the beaches in Ocean City and Delaware. Even good hiking and camping weather in the mountains.  The air will make a run for 90F by Sunday.


Slight increase in temperature and humidity each day will bring only isolated showers in the mountains on Saturday afternoon.  Build that up to scattered (30%) on Sunday evening.  Otherwise, we have a quiet stretch ahead. So if don’t get to celebrate Hot Dog Day today, you can catch up over the weekend.


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Screen Shot2015-07-23 06_27_49


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