We’ve been talking about this storm for a week, and now it is on the move with a better idea of how it will behave. There is still a split among the models about the arrival of the rain. Even without the storm, the tides along the coast would be an issue with the full moon on Sunday night. That alone would increase the tides. But the fact that it is a super moon, means it is closer in orbit, and the lunar eclipse means it is aligned with the equator to maximize the gravitational force.  Then add in that we just had the autumnal equinox, and it is a time of year known for higher tides (called spring tides even in fall). In short, the erosion I recently showed with only get worse along the coast.  Rip currents and coastal food statements have been posted by the National Weather Service on the ocean and bay side.


Wind Forecast

[metaslider id=28824]

Note: If you have plans to visit the Outer Banks this weekend, there will be an improvement there a day earlier. So you may salvage the second half of the weekend. But Ocean City will be rough until early next week.

Rain Outlook

The NAM Model is more aggressive with the rain than the GFS model. This shows the push into central Maryland Friday afternoon. Compare to the GFS model slider below.

Screen Shot2015-09-24 05_57_00
Forecast Slider (GFS Model)

[metaslider id=28834] Tide Forecast:


See more about the latest beach erosion in Ocean City, MD, plus links to the biggest events there this summer:


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