I must confess, I was at a shopping center on Friday and overheard a conversation. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but this young woman was on the phone and speaking very loudly.  It sounded like she was making plans for the weekend, almost inviting anyone nearby to join in. But what really got my attention was that twice she said, “but Saturday will be rainy and gross”. The thing is, she was wrong. I bit my tongue and didn’t say a word, but I wanted to. This is where I get to talk (or write), so let me say now the THE WEEKEND WILL BE FINE. I have two radar simulation models below to help prove it! I’m sure when the weather works out, that woman will say ‘those guys are always wrong‘. Ha! I wonder if just seeing a raindrop on a TV graphic makes many think the whole day will be wet? The only exception might be Ocean City on Saturday, but nothing too bad unless you don’t want it cooler.

A cold front will arrive on Friday, as it helps to bring temps up close to 80F. But it will bring in more moisture and help develop strong showers and thunderstorms Friday evening and overnight. The rain should move out by early Saturday. If you live south of Baltimore, showers might linger in the morning. If you are visiting the beaches, showers could last into the afternoon. As we dry out though, high temperature will only be in the 60s. If you are going to the Ravens game, expect great, and dry, fall weather.

Radar Simulations (wide and close views)

GFS Model

[metaslider id=29705]

NAM Model

[metaslider id=29713]


Temperature Outlook

Screen Shot2015-10-07 05_58_52

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