The Lake Effect Snow machine we had been discussing for a few days did not disappoint. In fact it may have over achieved as the cold air flowed in this weekend. The real stuff was a little farther away. This morning I received the first confirmation of snow stickage in western Pennsylvania as Cathy Turner Engers was visiting her son in Edinboro and stumbled upon this winter scene. Photos and video are our proof and welcome for those with ‘Faith-in-the-Flakes’. This spot is located about 90 minutes north of Pittsburgh, so you might expect they would get the plumes off of Lake Erie.

If you watch the football game in Buffalo, you will likely see snow falling there. Ontario is open for business as well, benefitting much of central New York, but lets focus on the flakes locally. I have had a few reports of sleet as close as Westminster. As I mentioned this morning, there will be more showers developing this afternoon. It is possible some sleet pellet mix in, so if you hear the ping, don’t be too surprised. But no local stickage is expected.  Here are a few other scenes and where they are located on the map. See the video of this snowy spot below.

More Snow


Sleet in Glen Rock, PA (York County)



Frost and Steam Fog- Mt. Airy, MD




Plotting the locations in comparison to central Maryland


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