Screen Shot2015-10-28 05_52_14The rain is here this morning. Most of yesterday the dry air had help firm, but it arrived overnight and the commute this morning will be wet. It’s important to note that the primary storm will stay well to the west of our region, but the winds will be gusty from the southeast feeding into the storm. That plus energy at mid levels will help support the formation of storms during the day that will come in waves pulsing every few hours. There may be some breaks in between, which would allow for some daytime heating to feed the next round that arrives. These storms will bring faster winds aloft down to the surface, some with hail, lighting, and heavy downpours.  So the radar image this morning is not the true gauge of what will arrive today. See the radar simulation slider below showing we will be in the thick of it through this evening.

Mid Afternoon Mid Level Energy

Screen Shot2015-10-28 05_51_23

Severe Storms?

Screen Shot2015-10-28 05_54_00There is a marginal risk that storms could turn severe. The southeast wind feeding in from the Atlantic and the Chesapeake drags water north making for shoreline flooding. It can often enhance our rain and risk for storms to grow. Some of this energy comes from former hurricane Patricia. The fast winds aloft mix down to the surface, which is what will make for a gusty day. Also, storms can begin to rotate easier that normal. That doesn’t mean tornadoes, but can help storms grow stronger producing more hail and lightning.

Simulated Radar

[metaslider id=30366]


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