FullMoonIt may have looked full last night, but the official full moon is this evening, November 25 at 5:44 PM EST. This will carry us into the Thanksgiving holiday with additional light at night. Under a clear sky this will be great news for travelers on unfamiliar roads. If you take your dog on a walk, or just want to gaze at the sky, try this: Get away from urban lights, and you will be able to see your shadow cast on the ground from the moon light.

This last full moon before the winter solstice has the name Beaver Moon, because the extra light at night helped people who live off the land to set beaver traps before the water freezes.  I always like to think of it as a sign to spew dup to get your pre winter work done, just as the beavers were active.  That’s a little less harsh for those that don’t hunt or don’t live in rural areas.  It also has the name Full Frost Moon.

Viewing Tips

The moon looked full last night, and will maintain 97% illumination Thanksgiving Thursday as well. Keep in mind that depending on your location, you may not see the moon for an additional few minutes or half hour. Trees, hills, and buildings could get in your way.  In reference to Baltimore, the moon will rise:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 5:01 PM
  • Thursday, Nov. 26 at 5:53 PM
  • Friday, Nov. 27 at 6:48 PM


The hour around sunset can provide wonderful lighting for photography called ‘blue light’. Check out some photo tips from hobbyists and professionals in this report.


Beaver Moon Video

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