Monday Weather MapThe pattern is about to change this week and it will feel like winter by the weekend. But we have a bumpy ride in between. First, after a weekend with two record warm high temperatures, we could add one more record to the mix. This one will be a little different though. Highs today will be in the 60s, no record there. But, this morning’s low at BWI was 54°F. The forecast does not bring in the cold air until after midnight, so if that remains our low, it would set a new warm minimum temperature for December 14th which was 53°F set in 1901.

The large storm in the mid west will push some rain our way in the afternoon and evening. Slightly cooler air will follow, but a second storm bringing heavier rain on Thursday will be the game changer.  Behind that the upper level winds will shift, and temperatures will end up below average next weekend. Snow showers will return to the mountains of western Maryland (PA and WV as well). This will only last a few days, but it’s something and the first sign of normalcy showing up.

Big Changes: Jet Stream Flip

Screen Shot2015-12-14 05_56_53


Screen Shot2015-12-14 05_57_17







Simulated Radar: Rain Timeline

[metaslider id=31818]

Next Storm: Thursday

This ends with Lake Enhanced Snow in the mountain Friday and Saturday.

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Temperature Outlook

Average High Temperatures this weekend are in the lower 40s. Saturday and Sunday should be near to below average with 30s just inland from the city. Snow showers in the mountains.

Screen Shot2015-12-14 05_55_01


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Faith In The Flakes: It Will Snow… Eventually

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