Record High Christmas EveRecord warm air is something that will define this December 2015 in Baltimore. This Christmas Eve record tops the cake as we set a new record high for the third time this month, and it may not be our last one. But what is most amazing about this record day, beside shorts instead of snow, is how the temperatures played out. Before we get ahead of ourselves, the official Baltimore high temperature at BWI was 71F at 3:36 PM. We can thank El Nino for sure, but add this to your holiday conversation:

Prior Record High 65°F in 1990

Record Christmas Day was even warmer: 72°F in 1964. Yes, it was ‘like this’ 51 years ago. That was followed by another record the next day on Dec 26 at 73°F.  So, it was actually hotter back then.

Daily Averages:

  • High: 43
  • Low: 26

Now check this out:

Record within a record, and perhaps a third record:

The record high was set at midnight when it was 66°F, and kept rising. That means, the low temperature for this day is higher than the former record high temperature!

Record warm minimum: NWS keeps track of that too. The warmest (night or morning) for Christmas Eve was 53°F in 1891.  That will be broken for sure!

However, should the temperature stay at or above 65F through midnight, then more research will need to be done to determine if this is the first time the entire daily temperature in December broke the prior all time high temperature. At 5 PM BWI slipped back into the 60s. Since that is after sunset, the main issue now is cloud cover. That is what acts like blanket, holding warm air in at night. Will the clearing to the west hold off until after midnight? The forecasts differ, but are in the mid 60s at midnight. So we could hold it off, or slip below that mark (missing the last record). Just one more thing to watch while waiting for Santa, who may be wearing his Bermuda shorts already.



Faith In The Flakes: It Will Snow… Eventually

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