Record High Baltimore December 27Sunday December 27 lived up to the expectations producing yet another record high temperature for Baltimore. After the fog burned off, some sun helped to boost the temperature at BWI to 68°F at 3:59 PM. This broke the old record of 65°F from 66 years ago in 1949. Yes another notch in the belt of El Nino this year.

While some long time records are falling, what makes this more impressive is the amount of records being reset this year. Yes, this may very well go down as the warmest December on record. So far, five record high temperatures have been tied or reset, along with 2 record warm minimum temperatures that were locked in Christmas Eve and Day.

Check out this chart below showing the high temperatures in Baltimore this December compared to average. Note, only one day was below the long term average. The 71°F day on Christmas was not a record, but was the 3rd time on record Baltimore was in the 70s on that day. The tied or new records are circled.

Historical Comparison:

  • Average Dec= 36.°7F
  • Warmest: 45.°7F in 1931 (+9°F)
  • 2nd Warmest: 45.5°F in 1923 (+8.8°F)

To date, December 2015 is 11.4°F above average!

We will have a cool down back to normal this week as we close out the month and year, but not enough to impact the stats enough. This will be the warmest Baltimore December since records began in 1871. But note, the top two spots were in 1931 and 1923. It has been warm (like this) in the past. But as we have a longer period of time to expand on our historical database, we will continue to see records be reset. It is important to remember that this same year produced 4 new record cold high and 2 low temperatures in February her in Baltimore. Some years can display extreme weather on both ends.


December 2015 high temperature records




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