ExtremeWether2015BLooking back at the extreme weather in Baltimore of 2015, it started and ended with records. We tend to have short term memories with weather, so I like to plot the stats and take a step back for a quick comparison. The first thing that stands out is that we had two extreme months and they seem to almost completely balance each other.

Both February and December had the same number of eight temperature records, but on the cold and warm extreme respectively. February had four record cold lows (min) temps and four record cold afternoon (max) temps. December also had eight records, but on the warm end. This included 5 record daily highs and three warm overnight lows (min temps).

February was -10.5°F BELOW Average

December was  +12.3°F ABOVE Average

While the recent focus has been on the heat thanks in large part to El Nino, so it is easy to forget about the ‘Polar Vortex’ two winters ago, and the extreme weather on the cold side last winter. But also, check this post out about the 2014 Summer Without a Summer that had 5 cold records set in July alone that year.

I know I am missing out on some other weather events of 2015, even prior to the El Nino influence. This post is a focus on the most extreme weather. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of these three months:

February Extreme Weather: 2nd coldest on record


  • 25.3°F
  • -10.5°F BELOW Avg (35.8°F)

Note: Coldest was Feb 1934 = 24.3F (a full degree colder)

That same year, June 29th was second hottest temp on record 105F

8 Total Cold Records

4 Days with record low max temp = 18F

  • 15th
  • 16th
  • 19th
  • 20th


4 Record Low min temps

  • 6°F on 15th
  • 5°F on 16th
  • 1°F on 20th
  • 2°F on 21st



*March followed with 2 record Lows

  • 10°F on 6th
  • 6°F on 7th


Winter 2014-2015 Recap:


  • December 2014 = 0.2”
  • Jan 5.9”
  • Feb 14.6”
  • Mar 7.7” (including 1.2” on 20th=spring)

Total snow= 28.7” ABOVE AVERAGE 2nd Season in a row

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JUNE – Extreme Weather: Wettest on Record

JuneRain13.09” rain for the month

9.63” ABOVE the average of 3.46”. That is almost 4 times normal

Yes, there were numerous days with flooding especially with the week leading up the passage of Tropical Storm Bill

Individual daily records

  • 1st: 2.50”
  • 27th: 3.11”

*5 days with 1.00”+ of rain


By The Numbers:

All Record June Rainfall

  1. June 2015 = 13.09”
  2. June 1972 = 9.95”
  3. June average: 3.46”


All time wettest months in Baltimore history:

  1. 18.35″ August 1955
  2. 13.32″ September 2011
  3. 13.09 June 2015


Days with Rain (Trace or More)



Days with Over 0.50”



Days with Over 1.00”


Days with Over 2.50”



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Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Storm Clouds

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December Extreme Weather: Warmest on record

DecemberHeat8 Total Records

5 record highs (max temps), 3 record warm lows (min temps)


Historical Comparison:

  • 2015: 49°F = 12.3°F Above Average
  • Average Dec= 36.°7F
  • 2ndWarmest: 45.°7F in 1931 (+9°F)
  • 3rd Warmest: 45.5°F in 1923 (+8.8°F)



Record Highs:

  • 12: 71°F
  • 13: 72°F
  • 14: 71°F
  • 24: 71°F
  • 27: 69°F

*5 days at 70F or above (one not a record)

Record High Min

  • 24: 61°F
  • 25: 58°F
  • 30: 47°F

Daily Temperature Breakdown



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