What we have on the way over the next few days is the preverbal wast of cold air. The storm track will send two systems to our west, and it will have some heavy snow for parts of the Mid West and Great Lakes, but just rain for us. Heavy rain for that matter… Over 1 inch likely with the bulk falling overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.  Don’t despair fellow snow lovers, there is hope. The entire pattern adjusts again next week, and the focus will be on the energy in jet stream. No organized storms immediately, but clipper style snow is possible. There will be some rumors over the 10 Day GFS model projected storm. For the record, I do not buy into specific surface details this far out, but there is a look at what it shows at the bottom of this post. Please discuss with caution. FITF


Weekend Rain Arrival Timeline:

There may be some light showers Saturday, but the main rain arrives at night and into Sunday morning.


[metaslider id=32517]


 Rain Totals: Over 1 inch!

Screen Shot2016-01-07 20_19_29


Snow? Well, Snow Showers And Possible Clipper

A clipper is a fast moving system that gains energy as it drops south out of western Canada and rides the base of the jet stream trough over our region. There is limited moisture but it can bring some bursts of snow. If you followed along with me last week before our Monday flurries, this looks a lot more impressive.  The best time frame is Wednesday and Thursday.  Too early to say if any of these vort maxes will drop anything to stick, but there will be snow showers for a couple of days… That is a start.

Here’s the energy and spin around 18,000 Ft aloft (500mb level)


[metaslider id=32525]


Cold Air Outlook

The main point here is that we have a week stay at or below average. I am not concerned about the 40s showing up as the trend itself is more important than specifics that far out.

Screen Shot2016-01-07 20_11_04


Against My Better  Judgement…. This GFS Map is going to get some rumors started. Do not buy the hype yet. It is too early to trust a 10 day forecast, from this model especially! But there is something even the Euro is picking up on… and a healthy winter pattern to close out January. FITF



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