This morning started off damp yet again. We had some drizzle and light rain overnight, and this is nothing new.  Thanks El Nino! The rain on the way later today looks interesting on the modeling. It shows the shift of wind direction as first the moisture is seen coming off of the Atlantic, from the east, then the dominant flow from the main storm comes in from the south. The heaviest rain is still set for overnight into Sunday morning, but the showers might linger into the afternoon. Not a washout,  as some improvement will be seen by lunchtime.

Cold air: It is on the way and it will hold beyond net week! The extreme weather is about to shift to the cold side, but most of it will be more typical winter weather. Yes, there might be flurries Monday, but the main event in my forecast will be Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. Quite a few people have asked me why I am so confident when then don’t see this forecast from outer sources. The main reason is the upper level energy. I have been showing the vorticity or spin aloft at 500mb. That is the jet stream at around 18,000 feet above the surface.  This product from the GFS is one of my favorites and very reliable. The reflection on the surface maps doesn’t show up. But it is starting too.  This is a clipper type event, so not a lot of moisture, but there should be enough for many west of the Bay to get some stickage.  Near the Bay and the Eastern Shore is something I’ll sort out closer to the arrival. The timing window is still late Tuesday into Wednesday. FITF

Rain Timeline Slider –>

Watch for the change in wind direction with movement of showers, then heavy rain.


[metaslider id=32571]


Light Snow: Tuesday Evening Into Wednesday

This is the surface map depiction from the GFS Model. I am only showing this since it might be visually pleasing to snow lovers. But the slider below showing the upper level energy gives a better perspective.

Screen Shot2016-01-09 07_55_56


Upper Level Energy: Vorticity at 500 mb

[metaslider id=32596]


Note: There does appear to be one or two more systems in the pipeline with cold air in place. I didn’t want to overwhelm the info here… but next weekend and the following week will bring more chances of snow. So winter does appear to be back on for us. Faith in the Flakes.


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Temperature Outlook:

Cold Will Hold!

Notice the warm up Tuesday. The 40s will crash as the clipper arrives later in the day. There will be snow for Baltimore, west and north with 90% likelihood. Still a chance near the Bay and Eastern Shore. Perhaps starting as rain then ending as snow. Still- accumulations will be light if any. The trend below average for next week is the most important aspect I can show here. Do not get caught on the specific number as the modeling trend towards averages farther out in time.

Screen Shot2016-01-09 08_05_15


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