WindChillAdvisoryJan18January 18 2016 – A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect and will last through the noon Tuesday January 19. The cold air held firm today and the winds remain quite brisk. Combine the two with event colder temperatures tonight and conditions get into the dangerous level. Baltimore’s BWI stubbled to reach 24°F today, which is colder than even the last minute adjustment. Basically the cold is more robust that models can handle and something I still will come into play with out end of week storm.

But for now, we calculate wind chills from -5°F to -10°F in metro Baltimore on the west and north side with some of the hill tops in the -10°F to -20°F range. That is where the Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for Maryland including and north/west of Baltimore. Southern Pennsylvania will experience similar conditions, but as of now their local National Weather Service office from State College PA did not post the advisory.

Air temperatures will be quite cold tonight as the winds remain strong. Winds will remain above 10 mph with gusts to 25 through Tuesday afternoon, but temperatures will warm a little by then. these forecast maps show the translation


Wind Chill Monday evening


Winds Tuesday Morning


Wind Speeds Tuesday Morning


Wind Chill Tuesday Morning


Temperature Tuesday Morning



Wind Speed Tuesday Afternoon


Storm Still On!

The latest GFS Model is holding on to the strong winter storm for Friday-Saturday. This looks like a long duration event. I will have more details this evening.




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