Bitter Cold And Better Trend For End Of Week Storm

Bitter Cold And Better Trend For End Of Week Storm

January  25 – I work up this morning with a temperature of 5°F on my home thermometer. As expected, it as colder than expected with a mostly clear sky and deep snow pack.  Temperatures trend colder after a big snowstorm as computer models can’t keep up. For today and tomorrow, plan for a thaw- refreeze cycle. So what melts, will ice up in the evening again. That is where you will need to drop salt.

The spread of forecast temps to validation not only messes with forecasted highs and low, but could mess with the upcoming forecast. The slight variation with colder air can influence the speed and movement of developing systems. The next result, that storm rumor you may have heard about is trending the way I mentioning Sunday night.. off the coast. Let’s just look at the maps to tell the story…

Actual temperatures this morning at 7 AM

  • BWI was down to 9°F
  • York PA reached -2°F

Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_48_43

Forecast from HRRR Model at 7 AM

Some places did get a think layer of clouds to redirect some heat back down and warmed up prior to sunrise.

Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_46_39


Forecast From HRRR Model at 4 PM

Temps should get close to freezing in the sunshine, but facing the sun will make the ground even warmer.

Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_46_52

Light rain/snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning… It looks light and I will skip this for now… just to show you the storm that will try to form on that front slipping south.

GFS Model

The best performer in the past few weeks.

Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_43_09

Canadian Model

Faster and farther east

Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_44_23

European Model

This was the one that showed the best chance of snow along the coast. It is a little farther east now.


Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_51_08


Screen Shot2016-01-25 07_51_38




At this point, it does not look like we will have a repeat storm. In fact, we might end up with little to nothing. The GFS has backed west a little, but the European has moved east… both showing just a clipping of light snow for Delmarva Thursday night/Friday. I will continue to look for any sublet changes. Yes, an increase in speed of the southern branch energy could make this more of a hit, but I would not worry about that now.


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