Rain Fog And Freeze: Afternoon Update

Rain Fog And Freeze: Afternoon Update

February 1 – This is pretty ugly today. The moderate rain at rush hour, with melting snow, plus salt and spray kicking up from the other cars. There are two good things about the rain: 1) It gets the old snow down the drains- if they are clear. 2) It helps to lower the snowpack as the next round of rain should be heavier along with warmer temps on Wednesday. Will that set the stage for more winter? It looks like we have plenty left on the calendar and Punxsutawney Phil might add to that Tuesday morning. For now, I just wanted a quick update on this event and what to follow.

Simulated Radar:

FOG: The rain is just messy. But over snowpack and colder ground, it will likely add to developing ground fog. I’ve already seen that, and if you live with varied terrain of hills and valleys, or along the water… it is likely you will see it as well. Keep in mind that sunset is 5:27 PM So visibility will decrease as it gets dark.  Then we need to watch the temps overnight…

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Good Evening For Delivery:



This is only a snapshot of 4 AM Tuesday. By this point, the rain would have stopped for a few hours. Normally roads would dry, but we have additional snowmelt to add to the pavement, for a potential freeze: There may be more areas subject to patchy ice by daybreak, but this is my focus for now.

Screen Shot2016-02-01 14_50_29



Flooding And Storms

Wednesday will bring us close to a record high temperature (66°F in 1932). Even if we don’t hit it, temps will be very warm, and more rain will add to our weekly total. So the 1 to 2 inches can easily be double or triple in terms of moisture flowing down drains and tributaries. Spreading the melt helped, but we have issues to face mid-week.

Screen Shot2016-02-01 14_52_06

Severe Storms?

The peak energy will be Tuesday wight the Iowa Blizzard spreading through the mid-west. But we have a marginal chance for storms truing severe Wednesday in Maryland and Virginia.. through North Carolina

Screen Shot2016-02-01 14_53_29


Screen Shot2016-02-01 14_53_48


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Temperature Outlook:

Screen Shot2016-02-01 06_22_22

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