February 8- With the snow event on the way, I have given a lot of explaining along with my forecasts. I realize some of that might be a lot to read (especially on a phone), and the maps might start to blur together.  That might explain some of the questions I have been getting. So this post is to simplify what you can expect for your location. Compare my map to the National Weather Service maps.   Just a few notes to add:

Rain and a mix develop late Monday afternoon and evening. Roads being pretreated might wash away as temps will start above freezing and roads will be warmer. The system will develop overnight.

  • Starts: Rain mixing with snow later today. Between 3 to 6 PM.
  • Snow: Change over and stickage tonight between 8 PM and Midnight.
  • Tuesday Morning: Wake up with up to 2″ of snow.
  • Main Impact: Tuesday mooring through early afternoon.
  • Snow Showers/Flurries Linger: Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Cold Will Hold: Temperatures may challenge some of the coldest last year over the weekend.

If you want to see the full report with the Winter Storm Watch click here.

I will post more detailed timeline maps around lunchtime.

Faith in the Flakes

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Compare to National Weather Service Zone Snow Potential

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Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_07_57




Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_09_29


Snow Stick: Measuring In Style

SnowStickMy friend Thatcher made these prototype snow sticks. He is offering official Faith in the Flakes Snow Sticks in three sizes and many colors:

  • 2 Ft- Snow Stick $8.25/each
  • 30 Inches- Blizzard Stick $9.75/each
  • 36 Inches – Drift Stick $11.25/each

We have the classic flake, Maryland,

but also Orange/Black and Purple/Black to support your favorite team.

The easiest way to do this is check out the Facebook Page for Signs By Tomorrow – Timonium and look for the contact info there.






Faith In The Flakes: NEW LINK

See all of our shirt designs here: Due to high demand, here is a new link with many more options. You can change the color of each item when you select it. Thank you FITF