Winter Storm Watch Monday Night Through Tuesday Night

Winter Storm Watch Monday Night Through Tuesday Night

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February 8- A Winter Storm Watch has been posted for Monday night through Tuesday night Feb 8 to 9.   This will begin late afternoon and evening with a light mix of rain and snow, gradually chaining to all snow for central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Since today’s temps will be above freezing, the warm ground should remain wet until later tonight. The expectation for snow that will impact travel will be focused on Tuesday by the time most of us wake up and lasting through the day.

If you want to skip the details and just get the snow maps, click here.

MondayAMThe latest storm timeline and my update snow totals below take into account that the pattern has proven systems hanging back west. This coastal system this morning is very strong, and like last Friday, is closer than expected. Carrying that thought over I think the main hit of this event will spread a bit more than the GFS Model is showing. Again, that has been the most reliable model as of late, and it looks like that is the case again. The clipper from the Great Lakes will end up as the upper level Low stuck for a few days, so it is a new system that will form tonight. That is when the real snow show begins.

Here’s the timeline with more notes and snow maps below. I also want to point out the arctic outbreak looks even colder into next week.


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Tuesday DeformationZoneKew Notes:

  • Starts: Rain mixing with snow later today. Between 3 to 6 PM
  • Snow: Change over and stickage tonight after 8 PM
  • Main Impact: Tuesday all day
  • Deformation Zone (DZ): A pump in the atmosphere ‘between’ the surface Low and upper level Low.
  • My snow bands overlap. But much of metro Baltimore will be 3″ to 6″ with higher amounts in northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.
  • A narrow band of moderate snow on Tuesday will be the focus for highest amount in the DZ
  • Snow Showers Linger: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Cold Will Hold: Temperatures may challenge some of the coldest last year
  • Faith in the Flakes!!!


My Snow Map compared to NWS Regional Zone Forecast Maps Below

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As for that snow..



My Updated Snow Map With Complete Snow Ranges

Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_34_16

Compare to National Weather Service Zone Snow Potential

Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_06_56


Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_07_57


Screen Shot2016-02-08 05_09_29

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Temperature Outlook

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