Polar Vortex Making A Visit To US This Weekend

Polar Vortex Making A Visit To US This Weekend

Screen Shot2016-02-09 19_35_57Forgive me for saying this, but the Polar Vortex looks like it will be making a direct dive to the US this weekend. It is a real term describing the core circulation and frigid air from the arctic, but it got overused in the media two years ago. It is only a matter of time until it comes up again this week, so why not be first?

Did you see the movie Independence Day? I just watched it with my son, for his first time. Remember the scene when Randy Quaid flies the plane right into the alien ship’s primary firing device?  He says, “Hello boys. I’m baaaaack!” That’s kind of how I think we should look at this arctic blast, with a sense of humor. After all, the core will arrive right around Valentine’s Day, so all the better reason to grab your loved one and hold them close.

The maps below will show how the Polar Vortex will trek through central Canada and aim for New England all week. Ironic that tonight the nation’s first primary in New Hampshire is wrapping up, and as the candidates move on, The Granite State will trade of for this next visitor this weekend. The is an argument to be made that this is just a piece of the polar core and it will reestablish itself in the arctic circle just after the weekend. Either way, check this out.


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How cold?

I think it’s possible that we will end up colder than what is shown here. Both days could remain in the teens with lows near or below zero!  Last February (2015) we had seven days at BWI with lows in the single digits. Two days had record cold afternoons with a high of 18°F (March 19 and 20).  We also set two record lows of  1°F on the 20th and 2°F on the 21st. It may be that kind of cold again. Keep these records in mind

Saturday Feb 13: Record Low = 1°F in 1983; Coldest Daily High 10°F in 1899

Sunday Feb 14: Record Low = -2°F in 1979; Coldest Daily High 18°F in 1916

Screen Shot2016-02-09 09_38_28



If you are wondering about the chatter of another storm next week, I think I” wait a day. Considering what just passed through and didn’t verify in the southern half of our area… there is not point speculating how many inches of snow could fall a week away. FITF

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