Snow Update Tuesday Morning

Snow Update Tuesday Morning

Screen Shot2016-02-09 04_29_56February 9 at 6:30 AM-  If your school delayed this morning to wait it out, it was the best call. The storm is developing right now, directly overhead. As of 6 AM Baltimore’s BWI 34F, but temps are at freezing north and west of the city.  Warmer east winds from the Chesapeake Bay are keeping us on the fence.  That will keep nearby places warming and limit stickage.  But inland is where it will be slick. The grass will get covered in most places, which is where we will measure… but the pavement is what really matters. The Deformation Zone is setting up now and the storm is doing what it was supposed to do. Snow will fall most of the day, and as it builds right on top of us. This may have started a few hours later and temps are on the fence… But essentially we are in it now. So don’t dismiss the storm yet….

As of 6:30 AM

Doppler Radar showed the pockets of heavier snow developing and moving north. This will continue to fill in and expand during the morning.  It is a race between the heavier snow fall and warmer ground. Then when the sun rises, the battle for road temperatures and stickage will be hit or miss. You may have wet roads, then turn the corner or over a bridge and it gets slick.  There is nothing clear cut about this. Just be smart and safe.


Schools don’t have an easy call as this will be developing all morning and roads have been wet. But increased snow can overtake the warmer ground. Elevated surfaces like bridges will ice up in those colder inland places, so please be careful driving overpasses. I would expect north and west of Baltimore has the most likely concern. The City and Anne Arundel County roads likely to remain mostly wet. But my suggestion has been to wait for a few hours to see how this develops. The most tricky time will be up through 9 AM. Snow will continue after that, but daylight and warmer temps should help with melting.

Winter Weather Advisory: Maryland

Screen Shot2016-02-09 04_24_19Due to the slight temperature adjustment… The National Weather Service has cancelled the Winter Storm Warning in Maryland and a Winter Weather Advisory is in place. It is just a slight lowering of snow expectations, still on the lower end of my map ranges.  The Warning is still in place for southern PA, and I would consider northern Maryland (Carroll County, Baltimore, and Harford Counties) within 10 to 15 miles of the PA line in potential for icy roads as well.

If you live near I-95 or the Bay, Baltimore City/Anne Arundel County, expect snow to stick on the grass, but the roads might remain wet. Just a few hours this morning when heavier snow could briefly overtake the roads.

Snow Timeline: Watch the Freezing Line

It will snow in places that remain above freezing. That is why roads should remain wet. But the freezing line and heavier snow bands will be worth close consideration on the north and west side.

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Snow Totals Lowered:

National Weather Service still has the lower end of the same range they had.  Remember most were in the 3 to 6 inch range… so this fits.  My bust area will be Annapolis and Washington region are in the 1 to 3 inch range, but I had them 3″+.

Screen Shot2016-02-09 04_31_27


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