Strong Winds Today Near 60 This Weekend Storm Next Week

Strong Winds Today Near 60 This Weekend Storm Next Week

Screen Shot2016-02-18 05_24_48February 18 6 AM Update: Winds pick up as temperatures crash back down this morning. The roller coaster ride continues when you consider the snow and ice have melted but it feels every bit of February today! A cold front is crossing through our region this morning and you will notice it leaving the house.  I am focusing on wind chill because that is what you will notice most today… Some down into the single digits this morning, and 20s this afternoon. Then the bounce! In fact we have a good chance of reaching 60°F on Saturday with a hint of spring. So as Orioles. spring training begins with pitchers and catchers reporting today, that might get in you in the mood…  Then next week we have another storm.

At this time, I don’t see a repeat of this past week. I’ll explain below.  But first…

Today’s Wind Chill

Screen Shot2016-02-18 05_23_49


Screen Shot2016-02-18 05_24_07


Temperature Outlook:


Screen Shot2016-02-18 05_15_57

Notes then see the storm track maps below:

  • The potential for 60s this weekend is far from a record, but it is well above normal. THAT is the main difference with the next storm vs the one we just had… the lack of arctic air.
  • There will be some rain Sunday evening, marking a slight cool down.
  • Monday Evening is when the next system arrives…. but even if the air is cold enough, the timing does not lend to an impact at the end of the day after daytime warming.
  • The storm tracks over central Maryland, so we could see some heavy rain Tuesday.

Likely storm track at this time

[metaslider id=34604]



If you are rooting on more winter, there is a chance this storm track shifts back to the east. But without the blocking High to the north, it will be difficult. Timing is key and southern systems have tended to arrive early. If so, then the High would be in a better position to deflect the storm… but again it does not look like that at this time.


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