Screen Shot2016-02-25 05_20_16The storm that blew through Wednesday February 24 lived up to the up. Temperatures did surge in to the 60s, and it fueled a line of storms that tracked right along I-95 between Washington and Baltimore. The result was a daily record for BWI with 2.61″ of rain, beating the old Feb 24 record of 1.70 in 1979. This brings the total for the month to 5.69″, more that twice our average. As the Doppler Radar Estimate showed, the heaviest rain passed right over Baltimore and it resulted in tremendous flooding with numerous water rescues. You may still see high water this morning as it will be slow to retreat. I will have today’s weather outlook in my next report.

The wider view rainfall estimate shows show storms tend to pulse. That was the case Wednesday, as the line actually stalled near the Chesapeake Bay, part of the reason the rain was enhanced. The southeast wind I had mentioned was the opposing force that enhanced the rain while slowing it down.

Screen Shot2016-02-25 05_17_16

Storms Turned Deadly

Screen Shot2016-02-25 05_13_39

There were 19 reported tornados according to the Storm Prediction Center. Some may be duplicates of the same twister passing over multiple towns. Today will be the day they asses the damage and confirm But the concentration of energy was right over the bullseye forecast in North Carolina and Virginia.

Four people died in Virginia, including a 2 year old child. In Waverly, VA three people were killed where witnesses watched a tornado touch down.  The Governor has declared a State of Emergency.

In Tappahannock, Virginia at least 20 people are in critical conditions after being trapped in the damage of their homes.

In Pennsylvania there were an eruption of power outages in York County, including building damage in Lancaster County.

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