Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Sooner And South

Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Sooner And South

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_17_44March 3 6:20 AM Update- It will snow and it is likely to be an impact on the Friday morning commute for most. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for most of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia until 10 AM Friday. There will be an improvement after sunrise. Southern Pennsylvania will get some snow too, and it will be cold enough for all that falls to stick. But that area is not included at this time. The arrival before midnight will allow for the maximum impact since most of the event will occur in the dark hours before sunrise. The focus will bring the heaviest snow south of Washington and Annapolis, but the question of temperatures above freezing is still a debate for partial melting vs stickage. I have accounted for this with my adjusted call for snowfall map. The main shift has been lowering the amounts in Pennsylvania and western Maryland. But I see most of our region in the 1 to 3 inch range. Here are the latest maps. There might be another hit of snow Saturday night for a few hours. Then we set our sights on 70°F next week.

GFS Model (—> slider)

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This is still worth discussing.  It can snow and stick when the air is above freezing. But that depends on the intensity of the snow to overcome warmer ground. A closer look could make stickage on roads localized, but a better chance on grassy areas.

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_47_04

Canadian Model Snapshot

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_26_20


Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_45_19


How Much Snow?

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_25_03


My Updated Call For Snowfall

I’ve lowered the totals for PA and western MD. Increased a pocket for southern Maryland and Eastern Virginia north of Richmond

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_42_38


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Spring Next Week!

There could be another hit of snow Saturday evening. then we jump to the 70s by the middle of next week.

Screen Shot2016-03-03 05_27_48


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