Snow Update Friday Morning: Over Achiever Southern Maryland

Snow Update Friday Morning: Over Achiever Southern Maryland

GlenBurnieFriday March 4 5:30 AM- It snowed as expected overnight. The ground did what I suggested even in areas that dropped below freezing.  We have stickage on the grass, but the roads are wet! I hope I made that suggestion clear over the past few days, or I will have some very unhappy people.

General snowfall as of this morning:

  • Southern PA: Around 1 inch or less
  • Central Maryland: 1 to 3 inches. More south of Baltimore
  • Southern Maryland/Lower Eastern Shore: 3 to 6 inches between St. Mary’s and Salisbury.

This might look good when you wake up, but not may schools will be impacted. The good news is that my scheduled assembly in Baltimore County should be on time and I will make a few more FITF shirt deliveries to other schools. I hope you get on time, but there is still reason to be a little cautious…

Baltimore’s BWI dropped below freezing at 10 PM last night, but despite a full night of snowfall, the pavement remained too warm. So my freezing line worked out, and the snow did accumulate. But travel has minimum impact. This photo is representative of much of the area… even on the colder north side.  Treated roads and untreated driveways are wet.


Slight Chance For Icing

As the snow tapers off, slight drying and a few hours before the sun can do its thing might allow for some spots to glaze over, but that should be isolated. I would still be careful on bridges and overpasses. Those would be the first to freeze, and temperatures are still cold enough.

The best chance for slushy roads are where the snow is falling the heaviest this morning, on the Lower Eastern Shore. This will improve quickly as the storm pulls away and the sun rises to help warm the ground more.

Simulated Radar

Here is a quick look at the snow progress this morning.

[metaslider id=35147]


There is a chance for rain or snow Saturday night into Sunday morning. Then the pattern reverses. A dramatic shift in the jet stream will usher in spring next week. We will be in the 70s in just a few days…

Screen Shot2016-03-04 05_23_30


Screen Shot2016-03-04 05_24_53



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