Showers Then Warmer Then A Chance For Spring Snow

Showers Then Warmer Then A Chance For Spring Snow

Tuesday March 15 – We start off chilly and damp again with rain showers, but today will end differently than Monday had. Warmer air is pushing in and the showers should move away during the afternoon. Tomorrow we are expecting to get back to 70°F before yet another cool down with the potential of snow this weekend on the first day of spring.  I know the mention of this may seem far fetched, but March is known for extremes. The largest flip was back in 1990. March 12 that year was 86°F, and the 13th was 85°F. Fast forward to the 24th and Baltimore’s BWI had 1.4″ of snow. All were records that remain in the books today.  One of the largest snow storms in city history was March 29, 1942 when 21.9 inches fell. Anything is possible 😉

If you remember the snow we had on Friday March 4th this year, it didn’t stick on the roads. That might be the case again. It is hard to get stickage on the pavement this late in the year, especially if snow falls during the day. So don’t get too worried yet.  First, let’s take a look at the rain timeline today and then check out the pattern change, because it will flip back to another warm up after the chance of snow.

Tuesday Rain Timeline (—> slider)

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Jet Stream: Turning Colder This weekend (—> slider)

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Will it snow this weekend?

That is all dependent on a coastal storm forming.  A few days ago this looked like a very potent system and I was going to show the projection, but it was more than a week away. In the days that followed, the models have been all over the place. But now that we are within a reasonable time frame I thought it was time to show this system that does not look too strong on the GFS Model. It does look strong on the Canadian and Euro models, and I think something in between will be the result. The main object to watch is how close it will pass along the coast. That will determine how much could fall, but the atmosphere should be cold enough.

GFS Model Outlook

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Canadian Model

Screen Shot2016-03-15 05_41_34



Computer Modeling has a hard time with extremes. It was that way leading up to the 80s last week. So this weekend will likely end up much cooler than the 50°F shown. But most likely we will be above freezing with snow falling.

Screen Shot2016-03-15 05_52_46


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