Warming Trend And Outlook Shows When It Will Hold

Warming Trend And Outlook Shows When It Will Hold

Friday April 15 – This date on the calendar might seem ominous for many. But in addition to taxes NOT being due today, there is more good news. The Omega Block I mentioned before is still holding and the dry weather pattern should last into the end of next week. But if you are ready for spring, it is here. If you are ready for a warm up, that is just around the corner.

I wanted to make this as simple as possible and jump right to it. Here is a look at the temperature outlook centered around Baltimore. A few more chilly mornings ahead, but the afternoons will be gradually rising through the 60s. By Sunday we should be in the 70s (away from the water). Spring patterns often end up warmer than first expected, so it is possible we fins some 80s on Monday. After the next cool front, the next warm up brings in the mid 70s. Beyond this view, the outlook seems to hold the mid 70s as far as the eye can see.


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