Update For Preakness Saturday: Soaker Still On

Update For Preakness Saturday: Soaker Still On

May 18 2016 – The latest computer models are demonstrating the same thing we would notice in the winter trying to track a storm. The fluctuation in the 3 to 5 day time frame begins to settle back on the storm track. There still may be some wobbling, but the one thing that remains is that Baltimore will be rainy for Preakness. In fact plans for outdoor weddings or trip to the beaches a week prior to Memorial Day will have to deal with an impressive May storm. I am sorry to add that The Color Run has been rescheduled for August 13, but that is not weather related. The good news is that this will keep moving and should not get stuck off the coast. But the wet day could be heavy and might push this May over the top for the solo spot of days in the 50s.

Preakness Rain Timeline: –> slider

Best case scenario will have the heavy rain out of Baltimore by the time for the final race. But most of the day will be cool and wet.

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Rainfall Potential… Over 1 Inch

Given that any shower for the rest of today will be light, most of this will be the Saturday event.


Setting Up For Memorial Weekend Warm Up

Considering all of the chill in what is on pace for the coolest May in Baltimore history, just a return to ‘normal’ will be a marked improvement. But as mentioned last week, the warm up next week is still on pace. We should have a few days pushing 80°F on the way leading up to the holiday weekend. Sadly, I think the water may still be in the 50s.


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