Thoughts On Storms Today Through Sunday

Thoughts On Storms Today Through Sunday

June 2 2016 – This afternoon update includes the latest radar simulation and rain timeline for this evening and into the weekend. We are in the season of graduations, golf tournaments,  and pool parties.  I have had numerous questions about various events and I hope these brief thoughts will help.  Please keep in mind that plotting individual storms for specific locations a day or few days away is impossible. First and foremost, a typical spring pattern brings more thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. But the areas included are broad brushed.  We can highlight better chances in the mountains versus the Bay or beaches. That will be the issue for the next few days. But detailed timelines are more accurate hour by hour and location the day of an event. The biggest risk for our entire region to have a washout will be Sunday as rain and storm risk will be with us all day.

As for today, the showers already erupting in the mountains will slowly push east. The air is somewhat more stable over central Maryland, which will slow the progress, but overnight that should break. There may be some rain left over in the early morning hours, but depart by sunrise. Here’s the Radar Simulation slider

[metaslider id=37518]

Weekend Outlook:

Friday may start a little damp or muggy, especially if you get some overnight rain. But the next eruption of storms will be in the afternoon and evening. The humid air and easterly will help these storms between the mountains, Bay, and beaches.  A repeat of that on Saturday will start in the mountains, then gradually any protection near the Bay will erode and give way to our sloppy Sunday. This will be followed by our cooler trend next week.

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