Lightning video and photos from July 1 storm

Lightning video and photos from July 1 storm

Ligthning_WashingtonJuly 2 – The severe storms that erupted on Friday July 1 over Maryland overshot expectations for a vivid light show. While there was intense rain, some hail and even local flooding, the electricity was the headliner.  This view of the in cloud lightning glow over the Nation’s Capitol Building was a grey capture from Nicholas West.  Lightning struck the Maryland State Capital in Annapolis, and that storm slowed down as it traveled down the Chesapeake Bay. More on that below, but I had to show you this close call first.

Lightning Strike Video in Slow Motion

Shari Granger was driving heading south on Rt 301 near Marlton MD. Her daughter captured this lightning strike and slowed it down to show how vivd it was.
Note: Lightning bolts can be 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun, last less than a second, and are about as wide as a fist.

The light show lasted well past sunset, and with cloud tops close to 50,000 Feet tall, people could see the illuminated clouds from 100 miles away. At some times, it looked like a strobe light constantly flashing. Here are a few more grabs. Thanks to all that shared.




If you have storm damage such as dents from hail, RPS can help




Gov. Hogan reported that the sprinkler system worked and the smoke seen from all around was also part of the quick action from the fire department. It appears the original Ben Franklin lightning rod helped save the building as it has countless times in the past. His report below

From Gov Larry  Hogan: “Sadly our historic State House was just struck by lightning. I ran across the street with my security detail where we met firefighters who had immediately responded. We ran up to the dome which appeared to be spewing smoke. Luckily, it appears that there is no serious damage. Apparently lightning hit the lightning rod which set off the alarms and a sophisticated misting sprinkler system on the outside of the dome.”

Intense view of the Annapolis storm as it crossed the Bay Bridge:

Thanks Nichole Kirby





The Stunning Shelf Cloud I shared online last night



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