Heat Advisory TodayThen Improving This Weekend

Heat Advisory TodayThen Improving This Weekend

Thursday July 14 – If you had fog this morning, that is a signal of the high moisture content in the air. That is the main part of this uncomfortable air mass. The dew point, or temperature the moisture condenses and forms the fog is in the mid 70s. So when the actual air temperature reaches the mid to upper 90s, it will be very uncomfortable.  When the heat index reaches over 100°F, that is when your body has difficulty cooling off. Thus- A Heat Advisory as been issued for this afternoon until 8 PM. The main area will be along and south of I-95.

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Slightly cooler air by the bay, but that is where the humidity might be higher. Any breeze will help, but do your best to keep hydrated and limit your outdoor activity to the early morning or evening. Here’s a sample of expected temperatures and calculated heat index values.

Screen Shot2016-07-14 06_35_11


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Any Relief From Storms?

There will be isolated showers today, but nothing like yesterday. The outlook for the weekend is still changing. I think you should plan for scattered showers or storms Saturday, especially in the same areas that are under the Heat Advisory today. An improved air mass will arrive later in the weekend and then we look into next week for more storms.

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Temperature Outlook

Lot’s of 90s to be found, with a few slightly cooler days. We are in the thick of summer so this is just making up for lost time.

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