Sultry Saturday Will Turn Stormy: Simulated Radar

Sultry Saturday Will Turn Stormy: Simulated Radar

Saturday July 16 – I woke up this morning with the sun and wondered if there was some chance the front moved through. It didn’t! We still have the heat, humidity, and a frontal boundary that will all come into play today. So if you are headed to Artscape in Baltimore, the pool, or even at the beaches, plan for rain later today. The beaches may have more action early in the afternoon. It will be late afternoon and evening when most of us may get chased inside for a bit.

I have had a few people getting married worry about the weather early in the week. This time of year it is difficult to track the movement of cold fronts because, well, there is not much cold air to be found. So then tend to slow down, or even stall. We have the today, and the storms that form show up clearly along that line on the simulated radar below. However, the advice I gave to the couples: Don’t change your plans. Much of the day leading up will be dry. Then we track what forms… here is one idea of how that will happen:

Simulated Radar: HRRR Model –> slider

[metaslider id=38595]

Will The Storms Be Severe?

According to the Storm Prediction Center, we are not in the expected zone for that. I want to caution that a stalled front in our region can present it’s own problems.

  1. Slow moving storms can bring local flooding
  2. Watch the wind direction! Should we end up with a Bay Breeze from the southeast, then storms in metro Baltimore can be enhanced and reach their max potential. I would not rule out storms pushing damaging wind gusts.

Screen Shot2016-07-16 07_58_37


It will be hot, in the 90s again. Heat Index Values will be in the uncomfortable range, but just below any need for an advisory

Screen Shot2016-07-16 07_55_12


Screen Shot2016-07-16 07_55_56



The next round of storms possible will be Monday evening and Monday night

Screen Shot2016-07-16 07_57_12

If that front can move through it might provide a drop in humidity for the middle of next week. But there are hints we might have another staller… keeping the risk of storms nearby for a few days… wherever the front sets up.


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