Flood Destruction In Historic Ellicott City: Photos and Video

Flood Destruction In Historic Ellicott City: Photos and Video

MZ_DamageJuly 31 2016 – Daylight is going to shed a new perspective on how serious the damage and destruction are along Main Street in Historic Ellicott City Maryland. The water is gone, but mud, debris, and sink holes are left behind. This area at the bottom of the hill funnels all the water into the Patapsco River and is prone to some big floods, and Saturday July 30 will rank among the worst on record. In addition to cars floating into each other and video below showing them taking out the famous clock, the road has been torn up and buckled, and many store fronts are damaged. Some even missing the bottom floor and may not be able to be renovated. Local fire officials count dozens of water rescues but amazingly no serious injuries.

Doppler Radar estimated over 4 inches in the area as a storm pulsed overhead, but a local weather station recorded over 6 inches of rain in about two hours. The images and videos here have been shared online overnight, but I wanted to put them all in one place for easy access and assessment.






Video: Loss Of The Clock

Josh Zimmerman








The photo credit below has been disputed: Cody Goodin and sent to Jeremy Cook who uploaded it and apparently Scott Weaver passed it on without properly acknowledging. I can not make the edits on the images, so I want to make it clear here.







How Much Rain?

Doppler Radar estimated over 4 inches, but local rain gauges recorded over 6 inches




Water Rescue: One of many



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