February 26 – The stormy day yesterday got everyones attention. I am still sorting through some of the best photos and will share them later. This morning we have a distinct taste of realty with temperatures that dropped to around freezing and will struggle to get back to the mid 40s later today. That is where we should be in late February. But, we have another warm up on the way. Much like the prior one and what I have mentioned countless times, we tend to end up warmer than first thought. So, yes! We could see the 70s again. Then a series of storms could bring some snow to our region. Don’t get too excited for stickage yet, but there is a chance.

First the pattern change:

Notice the brief warm up followed but a shift of the jet stream The warm ridge will build back for California as we get into a colder and more stormy pattern.

Jet Stream —> slider 

[metaslider id=43694]


Surface Weather Maps

After another warm day, we might see another round of strong or severe storms.

Note: Wednesday’s forecast high temp (as of now) is 74°F. The record for March first in Baltimore is 80°F set in 1972.


These are just guidelines. Beyond 5 days, I don’t put too much stock in these verifying as we see today, but it gives an idea of the storm pattern and base pint to compare any adjustments in timing and track.

  • To get snow in March after a big warm up is common.
  • To get snow to stick in March is tough. It is more Likely to lay and stay if it falls overnight and into the morning…plus with moderate intensity. 


Also see: Winter Weather Folklore


Temperature Outlook

Warm Ups tend to verify a little warmer than first shown. So, we could see the upper 70s on Wednesday.

The cool downs are compared to ‘average’ patterns on record and can verify colder than seen here.


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