Friday March 3 – It will feel a lot more like winter today and the next few days. Strong winds will hold temperatures down into the 30s and much of the day wind chills will feel like the 20s. Combine that with an upper level disturbance and snow showers are possible. A few had arrived last night, but many more of us get to see the flakes fly today.

Before we get too excited, the ground is warm and the squalls of snow will be brief. Some of these will be like intense showers at times , which could briefly cover the grass and drop the visibility. But they will be scattered ad mostly during the day. The bigger story may be the cold and deep freeze this weekend. Some flowers have started to ‘pop’ and the cold could challenge the most sensitive plants. It will also be a reminder that it is too early to start your planting.

Upper Level Energy —-> Slider

This is the vorticity or spin around 18,000 Ft that can help snow showers cross the mountains. The white ‘X’ shows the fort max, or Perak energy aloft. When this passes to our south or overhead, we get the best chance for snow showers… carrying over the mountains. The best support will be mid day through early evening.

[metaslider id=43876]

Snow Showers

Radar Simulation —> slider HRRR Model

Note that this is just a gauge, shows the direction the showers will move and the peak activity. Plan for snow showers mid day and then a stronger line that will try to arrive late afternoon to early evening.

[metaslider id=43861]


Temperature Outlook

Averages for March 3

  • Lo: 30°F
  • High: 49°F

This weekend will be sunny, but cold! Low temperatures will be in the 20s for most, with some teens in the colder inland valleys this weekend. This would not be a surprise for early March except for the early bloom from a warm February.

Another warm up back rot above average temps will arrive early next week.


Faith in the Flowers

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