April 21 – The conditions were right and the storms over achieved over central Maryland today. With a boundary separating warm and humid 80s from the lower 60s near the Bay plus mid afternoon heat, a band of severe storms erupted in near Washington DC after 4 PM and rolled into central and southern Maryland. Numerous Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued through the evening. Here is a quick view of the large hail that hit the area.  The video is impressive to say the least. The photos show quarter size hail and as you see above, Emily Keith got a little artsy with it. It seems like Montgomery and PG counties may have been hardest hit. I will compile a storm report following this.

Hail Video

Thanks to Jodie Donohue Franklin in Upper Marlboro and Dave Galp on the J9 bus off the I-270 Spur by Rt 355. Watch as the severe gust over 60 mph knocked over the table and was close to taking down all the trees in the background.


Chevy Chase from Emily Keith

Note: Each ring represents a trip of a full cycle up and down the cloud to make a new layer of ice.



Largo from Chris Erdman



Double Rainbow Post Storm In Gambrills



Storm Set Up

I posted these images online about 30 to 60 minutes before the line full developed.



Storm In Action


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Faith in the Flakes

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