9  AM Friday May 5 – Severe Thunderstorms have pushed into our area. While the expectation was to remain south, some warnings did reach as close as Anne Arundel County and Washington DC prior to 9 AM. Lightning strikes were seen in the cell south of Annapolis.  Here is a quick update on the storm progressive and short term rain timeline/radar simulation.

Note that for a storm to be severe, winds much exceed 58 mph and/or it will have large hail over the size of a quarter. Many cells will NOT have that, but may still include lightning and local flooding. The best chance for the worst storms will remain south and east of Annapolis across southern Maryland, Delmarva, and southeast VA.


—> slider: Radar Simulation- HRRR Model

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Repeat from this morning’s post:

This morning: Heaviest rain

This afternoon: Some thunderstorms, but also peaks of sun and warm

*O’s– Should get the game in, even if showers pass through downtown. 

Saturday: Windy and cooler. Chance of showers will be best between 2 and 7 PM. *Showers most likely to last a half hour or less.

This was the region expected to host the severe storms as shown by NOAA’s SPC this morning. The yellow shaded area was the ‘slight risk’. Green= just thunderstorms expectation.

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Faith in the Flakes

The store is closing for the season. Next week we wil be shifting back to spring mode. This will include a severe weather STEM assembly program.