6:30 AM Friday May 5 – Your commute this morning may seem longer than Manny Machado rounding the bases at Fenway after a home run. Moderate to heavy rain may include some rumbles of thunder are already here. The heaviest will be between 10 AM and noon. Then there will be a break, perhaps with some peaks of sun. But we will not be done. Cinco de Mayo may feature some boomers later on too. A few thunderstorms will fire this afternoon and the trick is the watch the radar for it to move south to north.  Note: There is a Tornado Watch for the beaches in Virginia to North Carolina. I expect the most severe weather will stay to our south today.

This weekend will mark the dramatic drop in temperatures and it may feel like Fall. As for the change of showers Saturday, see more along with the frost info below.

Rain Timeline

—> slider Simulated Radar: HRRR Model

[metaslider id=47357]

It will be warm this afternoon…

—> slider Simulated Radar: GFS Model

This morning: Heaviest rain

This afternoon: Some thunderstorms, but also peaks of sun and warm

*O’s– Should get the game in, even if showers pass through downtown. 

Saturday: Windy and cooler. Chance of showers will be best between 2 and 7 PM. *Showers most likely to last a half hour or less.

[metaslider id=47356]


Rainfall Potential

Over 1 inch and local road possible flooding possible

See the temperature outlook below. I will have a map and local info about the latest frost/freeze dates for our area to share soon.

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Temperature Outlook


Storm Smart: My STEM Assembly Program

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Faith in the Flakes

The store is closing for the season. Next week we wil be shifting back to spring mode. This will include a severe weather STEM assembly program.