July 5 2017

It was like a cruel joke for some on Independence Day. With the eruption of storms in the afternoon, a line set up along a boundary that made a target on Annapolis. The result for that region was cancelling fireworks. That show is rescheduled for today, but the question not points to will these get in?

We already have showers dotting the central Maryland as this same boundary is draped overhead. Today will be cooler, staying in the lower 80s.  More rain will spread as cells grow during the day.  This radar simulation below has the same disclaimer as before: This is just a guide but not gospel. The purpose of this is to see the activity and the timeline, but I would not bank on the precise location of rain bands given the error. The best we can do is track them when rain bands do fire up. The main threat for today:

  • Slow moving storms
  • May produce local flooding
  • Some lightning
  • Severe Risk low today but back up tomorrow

Radar Simulation —> slider

Note for Annapolis… Right on the edge of these bands into the evening. It’s too early to make a call, but hope that of all nights, this is one the ‘bubble’ shows itself to push the rain away.

[metaslider id=49498]


A more organized area of storms will develop with passing Low Pressure. This could result in heavier rain and more severe cells.  The good news is that we should improve Friday and into the weekend.



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