Friday July 28

A band of heavy rain developed this morning has has already produced over 1.5 inches of rain near Arbutus and between 2 and 4 inches in Montgomery County north of Washington DC. There was a boundary stalled over central Maryland helping to ignite the intense cell.  This is important to consider as the main storm develops today and could lead to impressive amounts of rain in a short period of time. It is easy to see how some earlier forecasts of over 4 inches of rain can be possible.

Below is the latest radar simulation showing this band expanding northward over parts of Howard County and into metro Baltimore. Please note that this is just a gauge and individual cells can pop up with localized flash flooding. It is most important to NOT try and drive through flooded roads. Only 12 inches of moving water can pick up an SUV. As little as 6 inches of water can take a person off of their feet!

Radar Simulation

The morning rain band is spreading north, with new bands of rain into southern PA and expanding to Annapolis.

Heavy showers today but the steady and heavier widespread rain will be overnight. 

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Will The Rain End Saturday?

I do not want to make an abrupt adjustment to the storm timeline. I have always been on the point of heaviest rain today and tonight, with showers shifting south Saturday… We need to see how this currently crawling system develops today. As you can see here, the GFS model sends the storm away tomorrow but the Nam 3 Km keeps it around longer.

GFS Model- DOES NOT Stall the Storm

NAM 3 Km Model keeps the storm and rain scattered across our area



Rain Total Forecast Maps (Suggestion)

Also see this morning’s Rain Timeline and Ocean Wave Map




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Faith in the Flakes

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