Wednesday August 2

Severe storms have erupted early this afternoon as suggested this morning. If you followed my posts online I showed the castleling clouds and then the early pop up showers in southern York County that included hail.  More daily heating has helped enhance the atmosphere and the subtle boundaries are hinting at where more storms may form and the focus dropping south into central Maryland later this afternoon.

Lighting Density

This product shows the 2 hour summary ending at 2 PM of lightning. Under these storms its has been intense cloud to ground and frequent. They make loud boomers and can be dangerous.


Surface Map and Doppler at 2 PM

There is a weak area of High Pressure in Virginia and the trough in eastern Pennsylvania acting on the high humidity. This red circle is the same region I showed this morning and where the storms ignited so far today. Compare to the Doppler Radar from 2 PM below…


Why can we expect:

I see the energy focus shifting southward to metro Baltimore. Perhaps again acting on a Bay Breeze Boundary around I-95 to give rise to new storms mid afternoon.

  • Severe Storms With Large Hail: Any storm may produce quarter size hail
  • Frequent lightning
  • Winds exceeding 60 mph
  • Flash Flooding

Radar Simulation —-> slider

[metaslider id=50455]


Weather Alert Notes

Watch means in might happen in a given region. Time frame is over a few hours.

Warning means it is happening now and being tracked through specific towns during a 30 to 60 minute span.


Please check back later for more and be safe



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Faith in the Flakes

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