Monday August 28

Tropical Storm Harvey has crawled itself back towards the coast and there is a second system east of Jacksonville that is expected to develop into Tropical Storm Irma and move along the Carolina coast this week. The impacts of that storm will clip Ocean City with rain and high surf. Otherwise it’s a cool set up for our region.

While holding at 40 mph winds, the center of the storm returning to the water of the Gulf of Mexico will allow some strengthening with winds increasing a little. More importantly, Harvey will build up enough moisture to keep the problems along east Texas. This storm will remain a problem all week with a slow movement towards the north.  Rainfall amounts are already pushing 30 inches around Houston, and the additional rainfall could make for totals over 50 inches. That would be the most ever seen in the US.

Epic Flooding

Another 2 feet of rain possible around Houston, TX that would bring storm totals to an unprecedented 50 inches for the storm

Storm Track Crawling

This forecast between 120 and 168 hours (5 to 7 days) shows the gradual movement to the north… and some hint pushing up the Mississippi River. If this can get picked up by a mid latitude system, the eventual fate could bring the remnant low in a diminished form towards the Mid Atlantic next week.


East Coast Storm (Irma)

The next system worth watch is located just east of Jacksonville FL. This has 35 mph winds this morning and is expected to grow and be named Tropical Storm Irma today. This will track along or just inland from the Carolina coastline, then out into the Atlantic around Duck, NC.


This will miss Maryland and NOT be anything like Harvey, but could spread rain our way and high surf along the beaches for a few days.


Local Weather Today


Afternoon Temps


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