August 30

The 9th storm has been named in this 2017 Atlantic tropical season. It is another Cape Verde storm moving off of the coast of Africa, similar to how Harvey started. But that does not make this a repeat by any stretch. However, this will be over the open water for the next week with prospects of growing into a full fledged hurricane befog reaching the edges of the Caribbean.

Winds are 50 mph and it is moving to the west at 13 mph.

There is plenty of warm water and little obstruction in Irma’s path. The growth is projected to be steady. While it ranges widely, there consensus puts this as a hurricane in the next 24 to 36 hours.

Long Range

We are just about to deal with what is left of Tropical Storm Harvey entering this weekend (See: Harvey brings us rain by Friday), so looking too far beyond is a tough pill to swallow for many.

The long range forecasts lose their reliability before any risk of landfall, so I would not hold too much promise to lock in the track yet. The Hurricane Models show this staying at a low latitude, but the GFS model has picked this up to be near Bermuda by the end of next week.

East Coast To Watch Development

The GFS Model shows the storm near Bermuda, but the overall pattern trend should keep the flow of westerlies in place to protect the eastern seaboard. This is only one projection and varies from the tropical models.


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