August 5 2018

We finally got a break in the rain, just in time for my team starting Maryland Trek 5 today. I made a pledge to give you a weather report daily and I will continue. In fact there is an fascinating satellite loop below I want you to see as both an impressive swirl and contrails have popped up overnight.  But I hope you follow our hike and bike across the state this week. It is the most important thing I do all year as we tell the stories of kids and and post cancer treatment. Each day we will hike and bike a minimum of 41 miles, telling their story and raising money to provide free holistic therapy via Just in Power Kids. We can use your support. That includes likes, hearts, and shares on Facebook to make sure the story stays in the news feed.

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This morning we start on the summit off Wisp at 3,000 Ft to being our 27 mile hike, then hop in bikes to ride through Frostburg and end in Cumberland. It will be warm and humid. But hotter in central Maryland where it will reach the upper 80s and feel like the lower 90s with the humidity. We should remain mostly dry, with only an isolated shower between 3 and 6 PM. The next few days will be sticky but limited showers… until Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is a quick look.


Stats For August 5 in Baltimore

Average High:  86ºF

Record High: 104ºF in 1930

Average  Low: 66ºF

Record Low: 52ºF in 1951

Sunrise: 6:10 AM

Sunset 8:14 PM

*Daylight = 2:02 shorter than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 80ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House

Satellite Loop (Morning)

This water vapor loop show two interesting features.

  1. The swirl over southern WV is helping to pump in moisture. But it is an upper level feature. At the surface High Pressure is being measure (see below).
  2. Look closely at the line showing up in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Those are contrails from planes. There is definitely and increase in upper level moisture allow that… But overall our weather should be quiet.



Morning Surface Map

The surface weather under that feature is High Pressure… So two opposing forces and the main winner will be more heat and humidity pumping up.



Afternoon Radar Simulation


Afternoon High Temperatures


Afternoon Heat Index


Temperature Outlook 



Maryland Trek 5 Starts TODAY

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To provide free integrated wellness programs for kids in and post cancer treatment

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