October 21 2018

The cold front lived up to expectations and then some. Strong thunderstorms Saturday evening dropped hail over the mountains that turned to snow overnight. The ground was warm, so there was a battle for stickage as strong winds gusting to 50 mph pushed in freezing air. But visitors at Wisp Lodge and across Deep Creek Lake woke up to a winter preview.

The official NOAA Snowfall Analysis showed a range of 1 to 2 inches on the ground in Garrett County, Maryland. Heavier snow was found on the higher terrain to the south in West Virginia. This area gets over 100 inches of snow in an average winter and getting the first flakes in October is somewhat common.

Some did melt, but there was a coating at daybreak. That is what I captured on video and photos. If you missed my video post online this morning, it is at the bottom of this post. Also SnowStix and FITF stores are now open (its early but we had numerous requests).


Snow Photos

Flags whipping with 20 to 30 mph winds this morning.



Lake  view and some of Wisp



Guests at Wisp Lodge woke up to a winter preview


First snowfall of the season


Ridge-Top homes with view of Deep Creek Lake



SnowStix at the summit. Top measurement was 2 inches





Snow Video

New Report

The NOAA Winter Outlook may seem vague, but actually supports snow for our region

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FITF and SnowStix Stores are now OPEN

Snowstix- We Need You To Measure Snow Too

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