Thursday January 17 2019

Today will be dry with some thing in the afternoon, but snow will arrive late afternoon and evening on the north side. So if you have activities, not all will be impacted at first. But a round of snow or mix will spread overnight, then gone before sunrise. This will be a minor event, but there will be some areas that remain icy Friday morning, while many metro area will that.

This Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the counties west and north of Baltimore and Washington, where the impact is likely to remain for the morning commute. Southern PA has not had their local NWS office issue an advisory yet, but considers yourself to be included.


Below is a look at two snow timelines to show the first round later afternoon and the overnight push of snow. Also a look at snow potential, which will be generally an inch or two in the affected areas.

The weekend event will be bigger, and as I wrote yesterday… Snow Saturday evening will change to rain, but northern areas could remain icy. Then the return to snow Sunday will come with arctic air. The snow totals are not as important as the flash freeze. Quick icing for many areas expected Sunday afternoon.


Local Weather Stats For January 17, 2019 in Baltimore

*Second day of Record Heat Wave for January*

Average High:  41ºF

Record High: 68ºF in 1913

Average  Low: 24ºF

Record Low:  -7ºF in 1982 *Coldest on record

                         *Record Snow:  2.5 in 1985

Sunrise: 7:23 AM

Sunset 5:09 PM 

*Daylight = 1:30 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 37ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 



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Morning Temps


Afternoon Temps

Some thawing and warming of road surfaces briefly….


Snow timelines

Thursday Evening —>slider

The first round is more likely between 6 and 9 PM to reach Northern Frederick, Carroll, Baltimore, Hartford, and Cecil Counties in Maryland. Also Southern PA.

[metaslider id=71094]



Thursday Overnight —>slider

The second push of snow seems faster on the NAM. This will be an overnight ‘thing’ and done before the morning commute.

Notice the Freezing line for most likely impact on the roads

[metaslider id=71105]


Snow Potential

NAM Model


NWS Baltimore Washington


Repeat Of My Call For Snowfall

These still are in agreement with the forecast I posted yesterday



Thursday Morning Temperatures

The freezing line and north is where the roads are likely to lead to some school delays. This is mainly in northern zones of Maryland and Southern PA


Jumping Ahead To The Weekend Storm


Storm Simualtion —> slider

The main issues:

  • Saturday: Snow may begin late afternoon Evening.
  • Sunday morning: Rain south, but north zones may stay icy longer
  • Sunday afternoon/evening: Flash Freeze with arctic air
  • Snow totals likely to be low. The important factor will be the quick freezing.

[metaslider id=71135]


Compare to this look at Sunday Evening


Temperature Outlook





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