November 10 2019

The celestial event of the year will be on Monday November 11 when the smallest planet in our solar system crosses our view of the sun. It is similar to how an eclipse works, but the black dot that will appear will be 1/194th the diameter of the sun. You will not see it directly and definitely DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! Special telescopes and other options online will be available to watch this 5 1/2 hour journey.

This post is a brief description of the event. But since this is a great educational opportunity, I have included videos from NASA and a kid specific video to explain the Mercury Transit. Also, multiple places to see near real time photos from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory and live streaming events to watch right here.

Timeline Of Transit

According to NASA, the transit will begin at 7:35 AM EST and end at 1:04 PM EST


Why is this so special?

The transit of Mercury seen from Earth happens 14 times this century. This will be the 4th time, and it if sounds familiar it should. The last visit was May 9, 2016. But after this event, we will have to wait a while.  The next transit of Mercury will be Nov. 1, 2032, viewable on the other side of the planet. The next time we will see it in the US again will be May 7, 2049.

There is a pattern of 13 and 33 years, with either November or May being the time we can view this (about one month from the winter or summer solstice).

In the eastern US we will get to see the entire event (with special equipment of course)



NASA/JPL Video Explainer



Video For The Kids



Where To Watch Online


The Solar Dynamic Observatory will provide near real-time photos will be posted here

Virtual Telescope Project

Dr. Gian Masi will broadcast with commentary live beginning at 7:30 AM EST



Time and Date



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