Meet Justin

In a nutshell I am a weather nut. I was born in The Bronx, NY and grow up between New York City and the northern suburbs. I moved a lot early and ended up in Maryland in 1997. It has become home for me and I can’t imagine living outside this region.

*Married to Shannon Berk (Physical Therapist and co-founder of Just In Power Kids).

*Father to two boys and step father to one ‘bonus’ daughter.

Degree in meteorology from Cornell University: Bachelor of Science, May 1995

TV Broadcasting between 1995 and 2012 included

  • WSTM – Syracuse
  • WBNG- Binghamton
  • WBAL – Baltimore
  • WPHL – Philadelphia
  • WMAR – Baltimore

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist CBM from The American Meteorological Society

College Professor at Stevenson University 2000-2014. Elected to Faculty Council for two terms.


Best In Baltimore (Baltimore Magazine) 2000, 2006, 2007

Best In Baltimore (Baltimore Sun Reader’s Choice) 2014, 2017, 2020

Best Meteorologist In US

  • Dec 2014 from
  • Won the Baltimore contest as write in and only person no longer on TV. Then won the national contest compared to large cities across the US. Prize money went to Cool Kids Campaign

2014 Sun Magazine Reader’s Choice Award(s)

Mar 2014 – Baltimore Sun- Sun Magazine

Winner for Best Meteorologist and Famous Internet Person

Mobbies 2012, 2013, 2014

Baltimore Sun

Named Best Facebook Fan Page in Maryland (3 year in a row)
Readers Choice Award, and Best Twitter Account in 2014

Parents Choice Award

Sep 2013 from Parents Choice for

Kid Weather App (I made with my oldest son when he was 6 years old in 2012) was Approved by Parents Choice, a highly credited organization finding the best tools and toys for kids.

Maryland Trek

An event I started in 2014. It is 329 miles of hiking and biking across Maryland in 7 days. Starting on top of Wisp, the only ski resort in the state and finishing at the beach in Ocean City. This event has completed 7 years (in 2020) and raised over $360,000 for programs benefiting kids with cancer and their families.

I have two awesome boys ages 10 and 14. They are an integral part of what I do.

August 2018 – I married my best friend Shannon, co founder of Just In Power Kids. A non-profit focused on providing FREE holistic care for kids in and post cancer treatment.

We also have a dog and cat that have amazing personalities and enjoy the outdoors as well.

Education & Awards

  • College: Cornell University, Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science
  • CBM: Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society
  • Baltimore City Paper  Voted Best Meteorologist in 2014 and 2020 Reader’s Poll
  • Baltimore Sun Magazine Best Meteorologist and Reader’s Choice 2013 and 2017
  • Mobbies Award for Best Facebook Page 2012, 2013 (also readers choice), and 2014 (plus best Twitter feed).
  • Best in Baltimore/Baltimore Magazine in 2000, 2006, and 2007. Runner up for Best Facebook Page in 2020
  • Baltimore’s and America’s Favorite Weathercaster 2014


  • WSTM in Syracuse, NY 1995
  • WBNG in Binghamton, NY 1995-1997
  • WBAL in Baltimore, MB 1997-2003
  • WPHL in Philadelphia, PA (Freelance 2001 and 2005)
  • WMAR in Baltimore, MD 2003-2012

Weather Talk Radio:

In 2006 I joined forces with my friend and former colleague Tony Pann and developed the first 1 hour talk show dedicated to the weather on WCBM am 680.

Weather is always a topic of conversation and we never ran out of topics to discuss. I was able to combine my music collection of weather lyrics as bumps and we had a forecasting contest we called the 7 Day Battle.  We donated money to charity based on our errors and matched by sponsors. This was also the catalyst to get me started in web site development and blogging.

Just In Weather

I have a little obsession with snow (Faith-in-the-Flakes), but my love of weather extends to all seasons. My goal for this web site is a portal to all of my current work. There is a lot of stuff and all keep me busy and never bored.  I am very active in education, and the meteorological field outside of TV.  Working for awareness and assistance of kids in cancer treatment comes from personal experience. My community outreach with Wind for Change, Maryland Trek, and others has raised over $500,000 in the past decade.

In 2018 I shifted my fundraising focus to the non-profit Just In Power Kids  I launched with my wife Shannon.  So a piece of everything I do from FITF and Snowstix gear to school assemblies go towards those programs.  Social Media has allowed my post TV career to be bigger than broadcasting the traditional way.  Over 300,000 followers on large networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. While blogging and updating the weather, I enjoy sharing great pictures interesting stories, and relevant news. Some of them will be scattered around this site.

Kid Weather App: One of proudest developments! I made this mobile app with my oldest son. It was his idea when he was years 6 old, and the first project I worked on when I left my last TV station. It has been downloaded in over 60 counties and won a Parents Choice Award among others.

Weather Assemblies: My visits throughout the year focus on severe weather in Fall and Spring with Storm Smart. My winter program FITF runs from November through March.  Participating in the spirit wear shirts is a way for schools to get free programs AND raise money for their school. Over $30,000 has been giving back to Maryland Schools between the school years Fall 2015- Fall 2019. Contact me here for more information

Consulting: Contact Form

  • Testifying as an expert witness using forensic meteorology.
  • Decision support for schools and events in winter and severe weather.
  • Decision support for road crews crews for snow and ice removal.